For Management of Rendering, we provide a custom Graphical User Interface (GUI) providing ability to set various Maya rendering (batch mode) parameters which generates Aneka tasks. The GUI also monitors submitted Aneka tasks and collects the final rendered image.

The Aneka Management Studio also assists with the following:

  • Quick setup of computing clouds
  • Remote installation and configuration of nodes
  • System load monitoring and tuning
  • Monitor aggregate dynamic statistics and probing individual nodes for CPU and memory load
  • Extensible framework – add new features and services by implementing management plug-ins

Other management features include:

  • Accounting and Pricing services provide flexible pricing strategies and keeping track of applications, reservations and users
  • Dynamic Capacity Management – provisioning to elastically scale up and down according to application requirements
  • Service Oriented allowing discovery of services and available nodes
  • Automatic overflow and Failover giving high availability based on SLA