Aneka’s Design Explorer tool is used to build a solution to accelerate 3D rendering. The Design Explorer uses parameter sweep to express the rendering job over multiple computers without having to do any programming. The Design Explorer takes existing applications like 3D Rendering and sends different parameter sets provided by the application, like Maya, in form of command line to produce multiple distributed executions on the same application.

The Design Explorer is a visual environment that helps users to quickly create parameter sweeping applications and run it in few steps. More precisely, the Design Explorer provides a wizard allowing users to:

  • Identify the executable required to run the application;
  • Define the parameters that control application execution and their domains;
  • Provide the required input files for running the application;
  • Define all the output files that will be produced by the application and made available to the user;
  • Define the sequence of commands that compose the task template that will be run remotely;

The Aneka SDK includes some ready to use task classes that provide the basic operations for composing the task template: execute an application, copy, rename, and delete a file. It also provides an interface that allows developers to create task classes supporting parameter sweeping.

Once the template is complete, the Design Explorer allows the user to directly run it on Aneka Clouds by using the parameter sweeping APIs. Different visualizations are provided and statistics collected by the environment in order to monitor the progress of the application.

The single solution developed using the Design Explorer can be run on different runtime environments like

  • PC Grids (also called Enterprise Grids)
  • Data Centres (Clusters)
  • MultiCore Computers
  • Public and/or private networks
  • Virtual Machine or Physical