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In the life sciences sector Aneka can be used for drug design, medical imaging, modular & quantum mechanics, genomic search etc. Using Aneka, simulations take hours instead of days to complete enabling you to improve your quality and precision of research by carrying out multiple simulations and decrease your time to market by doing parallel simulations.

Aneka is a market oriented Cloud development and management platform with rapid application development and workload distribution capabilities. Aneka is an integrated middleware package which allows you to seamlessly build and manage an interconnected network in addition to accelerating development, deployment and management of distributed applications using Microsoft .NET frameworks on these networks. It is market oriented since it allows you to build, schedule, provision and monitor results using pricing, accounting, QoS/SLA services in private and/or public (leased) network environments.

Sample Scenario: Determine Protein Structures for design of drugs and treatment of disease

Manjrasoft Solutions in Distributed Rendering The structure of protein plays a key role in the design of drugs for the treatment of various diseases. It is a huge challenge to identify the protein structure based on its sequence. The complex task of predicting a protein structure is usually broken into two phases with an accurate secondary structure prediction a key element in correctly acquiring a tertiary structure (i.e. the specific atomic positions in three dimensional space). A Grid/Cloud portal for protein secondary structure prediction is developed based on ANEKA, with an AJAX based web console to monitor the status and performance statistics. Research scientists use the portal to discover new prediction structures in a parallel manner. A Support Vector Machine (SVM) based prediction algorithm is used with 64 sample protein sequences with the prediction complete in 20 minutes (compared to more than eight hours). This demonstrates the power of using ANEKA Enterprise Cloud software when integrated into Life Science scenarios.

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Washington State University researchers have used Aneka for Privacy-Aware deployment of Medical application on Hybrid Clouds (made up of Cloud resources from their University and Amazon EC2). For details, please read their paper from: