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Aneka V2.0 is released.

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Aneka Management includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and APIs to set-up, monitor, manage and maintain remote and global Aneka compute clouds. Aneka also has an accounting mechanism and manages priorities and scalability based on SLA/QoS which enables dynamic provisioning.

Briefly, the set of operations that are performed through the Management Studio are the following:

  • Quick setup of computing clouds
  • Remote installation and configuration of nodes
  • System load monitoring and tuning
  • Monitor aggregate dynamic statistics and probing individual nodes for CPU and memory load
  • Extensible framework – add new features and services by implementing management plug-ins

Other management features include:

  • Accounting and Pricing services provide flexible pricing strategies and keeping track of applications, reservations and users
  • Capacity Management – Dynamically provisioning to elastically scale up and down according to application requirements
  • Service Oriented allowing discovery of services and available nodes
  • Automatic overflow and Failover giving high availability based on SLA