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Aneka V2.0 is released.

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Aneka includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) which includes a combination of APIs and Tools to enable you to express your application. Aneka also allows you to build different run-time environments and build new applications.

Aneka provides APIs and tools that enable applications to be virtualized over a heterogeneous network.

Supported APIs include:

  • Task Model for batch and legacy applications
  • Thread Model for applications that use object oriented thread
  • MapReduce Model for data intensive applications like data mining or analytics
  • Others such as MPI (Message Passing) and Actors (Distributive Active Objects/Agents) can be customized

Supported Tools include:

  • Design Explorer for Parameter Sweep applications. Built on-top of task model with no additional requirements for programming
  • Work Flow applications. Built on-top of task model with some additional requirements for programming

Build different types of Run-time environments:

  • PC Grids (also called Enterprise Grids)
  • Data Centres (Clusters)
  • MultiCore Computers
  • Public and/or private networks
  • Virtual Machine or Physical

Use APIs and Tools to build new applications or enable existing applications over different Run-time environments.